(l – r) Free The Bid team members Mya Dodson, Chloe Coover, and Isabella Kestermann

It’s here!

The Free The Bid team (Alma Har’el, Emma Reeves, Mya Dodson, Chloe Coover, and Isabella Kestermann) are proud to support the Pitch Cool issue of Pitch Fanzine!

Pitch Cool is the latest issue of The Pitch Fanzine, the print arm of an unapologetic movement that aims to challenge inequality, discrimination and the lack of diversity in the creative industry – while simultaneously showcasing outstanding contemporary talent through its publication Pitch.

The print issue, the first UK creative industry publication of its kind to feature all Black creative talent, showcases 16 outstanding individuals who have been identified, due to their creative merit, as door openers, creators and pioneers by Sherry Collins and her team.

Pitch Cool features interviews with the following:

Sherrie Silver (choreographer) & cover star
Akosua Adoma Owusu (filmmaker / producer / cinematographer)
Florence Adepoju (founder MDMflow)
Stephanie Nnamani (visual artist)
Sherina Florence (creative director)
Corinne Ladeinde (animation director)
Filmawi Efrem (multi-disciplinary artist)
Abraham Asefaw (co-founder of The Pop Up Agency)
Derrick Kakembo (photographer / creative director)
Natasha & Rohan Clarke (founders of Uptown Yardie)
Belange Okandju (photography / creative director)
Joel Honeywell (DoP)
Emmanuel Adjei (director)
John Ogunmuyiwa (filmmaker / photographer / creative)
Eloise King (director / creative director / executive producer) & cover star (pictured below!)



The issue is prefaced with a Forward by Jenn Nkiru, artist and director at Iconoclast and cover star of Pitch’s New Talent issue 2018.

The issue itself was not without its own obstacles and closed doors. The publisher started #CrowdPitch to help fund it after she was forced to decline an offer of sponsorship from a well-known agency after realizing the highest person of color in the building (and their network) was in middle management; and therefore the brand was at odds with the ethos of the fanzine. Sherry took an ad in Pitch Cool leading with the slogan: ‘When one door closes, we create another one.’

We’re proud to have contributed to funding this important issue and to support Sherry’s future efforts to celebrate true changemakers in the creative industry!

Visit the Pitch website to check out more and purchase a copy yourself!