Major news right here as Visa joins #FREETHEBID with a punch. Visa has taken the pledge GLOBALLY to have a female director bid on EVERY commercial they produce!

Do you fathom this gals?

We will continue to work with brands who want to make sure they represent their female consumers behind the camera and not just in front of it. Free The Bids is incredibly excited to have Visa join us.

In their own words–

The Visa Pledge

“At Visa, we have made it a priority to advance diversity and inclusion within our workplace, but also outside as a reflection of the work we do. Our leadership team and I believe that this value is not only non-negotiable, but is a strategic business imperative. It’s good for our business because it harnesses the broad perspectives and diversity of thought needed to create and deliver better solutions for our clients. It’s good for our organization because we need a talented workforce that reflects the communities in which we work and serve every day. Visa is thrilled to take the pledge to #FREETHEBID globally. We want to partner with like-minded agencies who value diversity and inclusion as much as we do and are looking forward to seeing more women at the pitch and behind the camera.”

-Lynne Biggar, Global CMO, Visa, Inc.