We’re incredibly excited to announce that HP has worked with FreeTheBid.com to take a GLOBAL #FREETHEBID PLEDGE!

In the past week we have started to work with brands who want to make sure there’s an end in sight to the lack of diversity in their advertising efforts. As a big brand that sometimes has accounts with different agencies, some of which have not yet taken the pledge to #FREETHEBID from their own reason, there’s a quick and sure way to insure you will give a voice to women in advertising. We hope that this affirmative step toward change taken by HP and led by Global CMO Antonio Lucio will inspire other brands to consider such leadership and Free The Bid.

We will be supporting HP in all their efforts for diversity.


HP believes that when it has a team of people representative of the client it serves it will be more successful. This is a business imperative for HP. When you analyze our business, you see over 50% of the personal systems business is driven by women; in the printing business, 45% of the business is driven by women.

We achieved 50% and invited agencies to significantly increase the percentage of women and people of color in creative leadership and key strategy roles. Not only do we expect one bid from women but as client we will insure that the bid is properly assessed by our teams.

“In that same spirit, HP takes the pledge to #FREETHEBID globally. We believe the creative process of our ad agencies will be strengthened and we’re excited to implement this pledge globally and give women a voice in advertising to the benefit of everyone, everywhere. We hope to inspire more brands to join us in this pledge and #FREETHEBID”

– Antonio Lucio, Global CMO HP Inc.

We spoke to Antonio to get you some thoughts from one of the most forward thinking CMOs today –

1. From a brand perspective and one that fights for diversity, why do you think there’s such low numbers of women directors?
What are we still stuck with?

That’s a great question. As an industry we can and should do better. Study after study confirms that innovation is improved and accelerated by broad perspectives and diversity of thought. Marketers are expected to have deep understanding and insight about their markets, about decision makers, and about customers – and that’s where our opportunity is.

At HP, our vision is to make technology that makes the world a better place for everyone, everywhere. But we recognize that we can’t realize our vision if our business leaders don’t represent everyone, in color, gender, and geography. This is why we “keep reinventing.”

2. What inspired you to take such an affirmative step and commit HP to #FreeTheBid globally?
And is there anything we can do to support you further and help with the pledge?

Including women and people of color in key roles is not only a values issue, but a significant business imperative and as such, it felt like a natural next step for us in our journey on this to #FreetheBid.

At the end of the day, at HP we make printers and personal computers. Who buys them? Women: 53 percent for computers, 45 percent for printers. We are focused on ensuring that our marketing department has the right talent composition to capture our business opportunities.

We are inspired to take this step as a critical next move in our quest to achieve better balance and diversity in our organization. We are proud of the work we’ve done.

It’s imperative to keep getting the word out and then holding yourself – your organization or your agencies – to meeting criteria you establish for your brand or your department. We’re not there yet, but we’re doing better.

3. What do you think ad agencies and we can do to reach more brands and have them join you?
We want to keep the momentum and inspire more leadership. School us how.

Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in the country’s history. Yet only 11 percent of creative directors in marketing and advertising agencies are women. It is time to tackle the significant underrepresentation of women in leadership positions head-on – not by conversations but by swift actions. Set goals, craft measurable criteria and then keep yourself accountable.