On Friday October 12th, Free The Bid founder Alma Har’el joined director Jenn Nkiru and producer Sharon Oreck on a panel moderated by Tabitha Denholm, director and founder of Women Under The Influence, as a part of the Female Filmmakers Festival (FFFest) in Los Angeles.

FFFEST is a 3-day screening and talk series, created by Passerbuys and Women & Film, celebrating the accomplishments of women directors and empowering women who want to break into the industry. The program of events ran from October 12-14th.

As stated on the FFFEST website: “Our mission is simple – we want more women to make films. We believe the best way to make that happen is to celebrate the women leading the way and to share information with each other.”

The panel discussion touched on filmmaking origin stories (both Alma and Jenn’s involved aliens!), making work without caring about how others perceive it, the changing size of budgets, and the multi-faceted nature of the Female Gaze.

Watch the panel, in its entirety, above!