Q1. I’m a woman director and want to be featured on your site. What should I do?

A. Get in touch with us! Our database of directors features women directors that are Signed to leading production companies, experienced Independent directors who are not signed to production company rosters, and some promising New directors who are beginning to shoot advertising content. If you want to be featured on the site, please submit your work to director@freethebid.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Bear with us – we are a very small team and receive many inquiries, so it may take time to review your reel.

Q2. What about brands that want to pledge? I saw that HP and VISA are mentioned as supporters on your main page.

A. We’re really thrilled to have the support of more and more brands who are invested in women’s creative vision. In fact, as a brand, you can bring diversity right away by asking your ad agency to always present you with a woman director bid on every pitch. If you pledge as a brand, you’re making everyone’s life easier at the agencies. Free The Bid is a non profit and we do not charge any of the women or the production companies for our database and work. However, we do accept donations from brands who would like to support our mission. If you’re a brand representative, submit a pledge through our pledge page or email us at info@freethebid.com to start the conversation on how you can help to Free The Bid.

Q3. As an agency, what if all the production companies I work with don’t represent female directors?

A. You can kindly urge them to represent more women, and let them know you will be expecting them to start presenting you with women’s reels on a regular basis. Until then, you can invite another production company that does represent women and allow them to put in the female bid. You can also take a look at our database of women directors, which is searchable by specialty and location, making it easy to find a woman who fits the needs of any project. This is how your power as an agency or a brand really comes into play – when you can make a difference. By making this a habit, more companies will have the incentive to invest in women directors.

Q4. What if I find a director on your site whose work I love, but she is not signed with any production company? Who would budget and insure the bid?

A. Ask the production company of your choice, who you trust and work with, to rep her for that specific job. Alternatively, you can reach out to us and we will help to ensure that one of the most trusted production companies in the market who pledged will take the job.

Q5. I tried looking at over 450 reels and I still can’t find a woman for the project. What now?

A. The ad world is in bad need of racial diversity. Can’t find a woman? #FreeTheBid with your own interpretation of diversity!

Q6. So, what exactly am I pledging for as a production company? I’m hesitant to rep token women just to fulfill a quota.

A. Well, now that this initiative has begun to be implemented, the numbers change day by day. If you look at the numbers we report, some agencies have gone up by 50-400% in the number of jobs directed by women. If you join us, you’ll be pledging to research and sign more women directors, creating opportunities to mentor promising women directors who lack experience, and consider producing jobs for unsigned women whom agencies would like to work with. Who knows – you might start a new relationship that would lead to signing them, or just work on that single job together.

Q7. Is Free The Bid’s vision of empowerment for women inclusive of trans women, women of color, and other women with intersectional identities?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Free The Bid is passionate about amplifying the voices of all people who identify as women – no restrictions apply! We believe that intersectional perspectives can only lend depth and clarity to the experience of being human, and that we all stand to benefit from listening to diverse voices.

Q8. Great, I’m in! How can I help?

A. You can spread the word about our mission and this site around to more creatives and ad agencies who are willing to take the pledge! Visit our web site regularly and keep us updated on your success stories of women directors! Tweet and share EVERY TIME you fulfill your pledge and get a female director bid!

SITE: FreeTheBid.com

Please report to us on any challenges you encounter and let us help you find solutions. We’re committed to making Free The Bid work for you!

Q9. Wait a second, are we making history here?

A. That we are, let’s go!