Trish Fuller

Company: Work Editorial
Website: Website

Trish Fuller, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, got her start at Whitehouse Post London before moving to New York for the launch of Whitehouse’s New York office in 2002. She is based in NY and joined Work Editorial in 2016.

Fuller’s previous editing credits include Macy’s campaigns with Barry Levinson, Liberty Mutual with Tony Goldwyn and Stylewar, Verizon with Phil Morrison, a Drug Free America campaign for Hill Holiday directed by Eric Stoltz, a Martini Campaign starring George Clooney and directed by Francois Girard, Glamour’s series of short films directed by Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, Target with Peter Thwaites, and a Sprint campaign for F&P directed by Stacy Wall.
Fuller is available for projects at all Work offices, both domestic and abroad. “Work has relationships with directors and agencies in both the US and the UK,” she says, “and that fluidity is incredibly appealing to me. I get the best of both worlds.”