Shira Ankori

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Shira Ankori is an award-winning commercial editor from NYC who’s worked on campaigns both large and small for some of the biggest ad agencies in the world. Establishing her developed sense of storytelling, rhythm and timing early on through years of training as a ballet dancer and a pianist, Shira turned her eye towards editing as a film major in college. Shira started her career at edit houses across NYC before settling in LA as an editor for almost a decade. She quickly gained attention for her style cutting quirky comedy/ dialogue spots with directors such as Ted Melfi, The Russo Brothers, and Jesse Peretz. It was at this time she also began to make her mark as a voice-over actor voicing several commercial campaigns over the last 15 years. Shira returned to NYC in 2010 and for the last couple of years has been freelancing on both coasts, expanding her cutting style to include projects in various genres such as dance, documentary, health and beauty. Shira graduated from Boston University’s College of Communications and as a dancer from the La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in NYC.