Monica Remba

Company: Married to Giants
Website: Website

As a child, Monica Remba was obsessed with mythical creatures, fairytales and the nonsense found in Dennis Lee’s poetry. Naturally… that led to an appreciation for coding and tech. Thinking the life of a hacker was a pretty good path, it wasn’t until studying Radio & Television at Ryerson University that she found a love for the edit suite. The perfect combination of technical precision and fantastic stories!

Since 2005, Monica has been immersed in the world of commercial, visual and documentary editing. Whether working in her office in Toronto or cutting global campaigns on airplanes, her unique style and keen sense of timing allow her to engage audiences in the most compelling ways.

Her work on multiple projects have been recognized in Cannes, AICE, ADCC, Strategy & Marketing Awards, and her most recent work includes commercials for brands such as Honda Motorcycles, Mark’s, Mazda and Adventure Canada. She has also completed two feature films to date, narrative “The Space Between” and documentary “A Day without Cancer”.