Megan Katuran

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Philadelphia-born Megan Katuran’s fascination for the production process led her to New York, where she studied Communications and Media at Pace University. After taking her first Avid course she was hooked, leading her to spearhead editorial on two feature documentary projects that took her to Belize and the Netherlands. After taking a few production and post-production internships, she landed her first professional gig at Cutting Room (now known as Gattie & Lopez) shortly after graduation in 2011. She quickly rose from a runner to an assistant editor, seizing every opportunity to collaborate with seasoned Cutting Room editors to sharpen her skill-set on a wide range of projects.¬†When not cutting projects ranging from visually rich montage pieces to dialogue-driven comedy, Katuran enjoys finessing recipes to add her own personal twist and maintaining her status as #1 Aunt to her niece.