Lynn Sheehy

Company: School Editing Inc.
Website: Website

Lynn Sheehy’s love for editing began in high school. Here, she was known to skip her lunch period to sneak into the back of the seniors’ final cut tutorials. The young editor knew she was hooked from the moment she hit playback on her very first cut. 

After high school Lynn went on to receive her B.A. at Ryerson’s School of Radio & Television Arts. She also traveled abroad to Edinburgh Napier University for a closer look at advertising, communications & PR. Graduating in the spring of 2013, she traded in her cap and gown for a wacom pen and Assistant Editor position at School Editing Inc. 

Throughout her time at School, she has worked her way from intern to assistant to one of the company’s primary young editors. She has built a strong reel working with clients such as Special K, Fishermans Friend, RBC and Loblaws. 

Her years of working in advertising have left her with strong connections throughout the industry. These relationships have also helped her kickstart a secondary career as a voice over artist. Lately, almost all of Lynn‘s time is spent either editing commercials or recording voice overs for them. 

Lynn Sheehy is a young, dedicated & talented editor who continues to live for that ‘first playback moment’ .