Lisa Roberts

Company: Territory
Website: Website
Lisa’s passion for editing began at a young age, when she fell in love with taking pieces of a story and putting them together to create something new and meaningful.

She received her Bachelors degree from Michigan State University and studied at the Motion Picture Institute before coming to Territory in 2012, climbing up the ladder from Assistant Editor to Editor. As an Assistant Editor, Lisa won the AICE’s Camp Kuleshov trailer editing competition two years in a row, winning it internationally the second time. As an editor, Lisa has worked with an array of clients and enjoys the collaborative nature in the edit suite. 

When she’s not cutting, Lisa enjoys spending time with her small fluffy dog, practicing yoga, and catching up on the latest and greatest Netflix shows. Recently, Lisa has done creative editorial for Ford, Google, Chevy, U by K, Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit, as well as festival-run short films and trailers.