Lauren Horn

Company: School Editing Inc.
Website: Website

Lauren “Norma Jean” Horn began her editing career by spending the majority of her formative years cutting together DV tapes of her friends. This was mainly to get a few laughs, but also because Pinnacle came free with her camera… “Where does all the footage go after they shoot here?”, she wondered from her home in South Africa.  This question was quickly answered upon her arrival in Toronto, finding herself amid the hustle and bustle of this city’s busy post production industry.

After almost a decade of honing her craft, Norma-Jean is now an award-winning editor at commercial editorial house School Editing, and has cut anything and everything, from commercials, to music videos and even short-form documentaries that have graced silver screens both in Canada and abroad. Looking ahead to future projects, she forever entertains a hunger to cut more.