Laura Milstein

Company: Union Editorial
Website: Website

Laura Milstein was born into the film business. Her father was a documentary filmmaker and her mother a producer. “As a kid I worked for them and held every job from floor sweeper, to Assistant Camera, to Assistant Editor,” she recalled. Milstein also appeared in front of the camera, as an Ivory Snow baby, and in many other commercials. However, it was editing that stuck. “I love editing because it is the perfect combination of working alone and collaborating with others,” she said.

Aside from working at Aegis Productions, her family’s company, Milstein earned a BA in Geology and Fine Arts/Theatre (“I thought I’d be Jacques Cousteau on land,” she mused). After traveling the world working on documentaries with Aegis, she felt it was time to step out on her own. Milstein got into commercials, working with Jeff Dell Film Service, first as an editor, then as a partner in Shoot First. She later became incredibly sought after as a fashion and beauty editor and counts among her longtime clients Covergirl, Clairol, Avon, Garnier and Max Factor.

Milstein’s recent work includes the high-profile 2018 #TodaysAtkins campaign created via The Acme Idea Company and starring Rob Lowe. The project garnered coverage in industry trades such as AdAge, as well as in mainstream publications.

Milstein is involved with the nonprofit humanitarian organization Women for Women International, and hopes to do a film project with them in the near future. In addition, she is raising two daughters and recently signed up to be a hospice volunteer.