Kelly Hansen

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Boston based editor, Kelly Hansen, has traveled the world extensively, honing her eye for content while continually developing her storytelling & communication styles. Throughout her career she’s fielded all aspects of post production and can advise or manage a full project from start to finish. Her curiosity and intuition create a natural comfort in navigating both short and long form editorial. Born and raised in Minnesota, Hansen brings an innate midwestern no-a-holes-allowed vibe to every project, so it always feels more like a collaboration than an assignment.

As one of the youngest women ever to complete the challenge of running a marathon on every continent, she values dedication and diligence. She prides herself on reflecting those values in every project she dives into. After all those 26.2’s, editing 24 hours of footage into a :30 is NBD. A devotee of lifelong learning, Hansen takes every opportunity to add to her knowledge base of equipment, tech and software—there’s lots of tools in this box. 

Thanks to a decade plus of commercial and passion projects both as a freelancer and on staff, Hansen’s client list includes documentary filmmakers, ad agencies and B to B Clients such as:  Bank of America, Reebok, Fisher Price, Puma, Toyota, Hood Milk, Jack Daniels, Living Proof and more.