Katie Cali

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Katie brings her passion for storytelling to every edit and will not settle for less than perfect. As a former competitive athlete, she channels this same drive and collaborative spirit to her role as editor. Katie’s rich understanding of creative and technical facets of editing allows her create highly-resonant works that draw out the heart of a story.

She is an established editor who has worked across countless national campaigns for world-class brands including Google, Samsung, Jaguar, Reebok, UPS, Toyota, and Mazda to name a few. She works with a variety of clients ranging from world-renowned tech brands to Truth Anti-Smoking campaigns.

When Katie isn’t behind the screen she’s likely off on some adventure, whether it’s scuba diving in the Bahamas, snowboarding in the Sierra Nevadas or road tripping someplace new. She believes the raw emotion of her experiences inspire her as an editor because editing isn’t just about telling you a story, it’s also about making you feel it.