Kathryn Hempel

Company: Cutters Studios
Website: Website

Kathryn has edited award winning broadcast television commercials of various genres.  Her portfolio includes dialogue, narrative and visual storytelling, documentary and comedy spots for Hallmark, Toyota, Kellogg’s, Disney, McDonald’s, Proctor & Gamble, Safeway, Dove, Silk, Reese’s just to name a few. In 2014, Kathryn edited “Like a Girl” for Always which became a worldwide sensation and went on to win 14 Gold Lions, the first ever Glass Lion, the Emmy Award for best commercial of the year, the Grand Clio and as well as numerous other honors. Kathryn has also edited web content, videos, shorts and long format documentaries, all influence her ability to create and to cut to the essence of a story. Kathryn co-wrote and edited, “Road to Roubaix” a feature length documentary about the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic in France and Directed and edited the short documentary film “Ox-Bow”  screened at the Tribeca International Film and Video Festival.

Kathryn is the Creator and Founder of Camp Kuleshov.  An international editing, design and sound competition for assistants in all AICE member companies.