Kate Owen

Company: WAX
Website: Website

Kate’s striking eye for detail, timing and precision elevates her work to the highest possible level. She is never satisfied until each piece is perfect.

She is as at home editing bold striking visuals as she is at languid and poetic pieces.

As stylish and fashion-focused as many of her projects are, Kate’s editing approach combines a strong sense of fluid editing to changing it up with striking visual edit beats that draw you in and glide like butter. No rules apply to her visual aesthetic, striking timing and fluidity paired with a sense of style and, if possible, a spot of humor as well.

She brings a strong rhythmic sensibility and a detailed eye for performance to all her work across commercials, fashion editorials, short films and music videos. Within her work, Kate has always had a unique sense of timing and deft edits.

She will always strive to elevate, expand and delight on finding new ways to approach any project.

Hailing from an award-winning career in London, she has focused on beauty, fashion and striking visual projects since moving to NYC six years ago.

Her joyous appreciation for the craft always leaves her excited and open to creative or technical collaborations pre-shooting to being available to edit on set anywhere in the world.

She is never without her welcome smile, sharp wit and 6-inch heels.