Farah X

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Farah’s passion for filmmaking first began when she was 9 years old. She filmed her friends and family using her dad’s VHS camera and would edit that footage together, tape to tape, using two VCRs. One summer, at the age of 19, Farah learned how to edit on an Avid, before even entering film school. Soon after, she was accepted into the prestigious Film Production Program at USC as an undergraduate.

While there, she directed numerous music videos and short films. At age 20, while still in school, she was hired to edit a project for famed director Clive Barker. Farah graduated USC’s Film Program with honors in 2000 and soon after, she was flown out to NY to work with Mariah Carey — a relationship that is ongoing to this very day. In her several years working with Mariah, she has directed several projects for her and continues to be her personal editor.

Farah was also sought out by legendary musician and icon Prince. She worked closely with him for several years at Paisley Park and in his home in Los Angeles. Farah has also worked closely with other top industry icons such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, and many others. Besides being an editor to the stars, Farah’s first few directorial projects led Billboard magazine to name her one of the top ten up and coming directors.

When Farah is not editing or directing, she can often be found traveling, working on her first novel or hanging out with her dog Ziggy.

Farah currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.