Eve Ashwell

Company: The Assembly Rooms
Website: Website

Eve Ashwell came to the world of editing at the age of 18, as a runner in a small offline house in London. After 6 years of running, assisting and a company move, she became an editor at Cut+Run in 2004. From there, her editing career had a rapid trajectory and in 2010 she became a Partner, helping to run the company as well as becoming one of the most acclaimed editors in the industry.

In 2015 Eve joined The Assembly Rooms as a Company Owner and Editor. She has a pivotal role in the evolution of the London office and in the last 2 years both Eve and The Assembly Rooms’ profile has expanded, via a partner company, into the U.S. where Eve had already spent time working on campaigns for clients such as Wrigley’s, VW, Coca Cola and Travellers. She is now spearheading the implementation of bricks and mortar Assembly Rooms offices in LA.

Eve edits a wide variety of work, but is best known for her emotional storytelling. Her collaborations with directors Pete Riski, Charlie Crane, Daniel Kleinman, ThirtyTwo, Andy McLeod and Mark Jenkinson amongst others, have been recognized internationally with lovely shiny metal coming in from AICE, APA, Cannes Lions, BTA, D+AD and many others.

As a Senior Editor and Company Owner, Eve is passionate about the development and mentoring of assistants and young editors within The Assembly Rooms. Alongside her partners, the company is committed to providing equal opportunities for men and women – the 50/50 gender split within their company is testament to that.