Emily Spiegelman-Noel

Company: Modern Post
Website: Website

Emily Spiegelman-Noel loves sculpting authentic and personal stories, whether they be playful or of struggle, verbal or unspoken. She excels at recognizing the intention of a director, the needs of a brand, agency, or film subject, and guiding a project to the highest creative level with all aspects represented.

Growing up Emily lived in California and also spent time as an exchange student in both Italy and Germany, where she learned to appreciate the art of nonverbal communication as well as the joy of verbal communication. At UC Santa Cruz and UCLA, Emily studied speech writing and sociology until deciding to study film production and theory instead. Now a long-time resident of New York, Emily finds inspiration from the eclectic mix of cultures and people she hears and sees on a daily basis.  

Clients include agencies such as McCann Erickson, Chandelier, and Mother on both commercials and content for Dior, Calvin Klein, Levis, Express. Emily scripted and edited two short documentaries on transgender teens as a part of Barneys’ “Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters” campaign, which screened at the Guggenheim as well as Cass Bird’s improv films for Sophomore. ¬†Commercial directors Emily has collaborated with include Cass Bird, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, John Pierre Philippot, Bjoern Ruehmann, Joel Kefali, Rocky Morton.