Dana Abel

Company: Optimus
Website: Website

“When I compare what I love about editing with my other interests, they almost always intertwine in someway. The idea of approaching something
a hundred times and never ending up with the same result is intriguing. Editing embraces personal perspective, and the experimentation process
that goes along with it is quite powerful.”

Dana Abel began at Optimus after earning her BA from Columbia College Chicago. After an intern position, she started out as a finish assistant. “The importance of understanding an online workflow and the attention to detail was key to my fundamental growth in post production. Learning how a finish artist approaches projects were much more structured than I was used to, and thinking at that microscopic level was invaluable.” Abel
moved on to editorial assisting, cutting her own projects for agencies and industry friends alike before emerging to editor in 2015. She has
collaborated with brands like Aramark, McDonald’s, Payless, Chobani, and a wide variety of Healthcare content for SPM Marketing.

When she is not editing, Abel loves traveling, cooking, rock-climbing, and photography.