Claire McGonigal

Company: Final Cut
Website: Website

Claire McGonigal grew up on a healthy diet of Irn Bru and Rab C. Nesbitt in a Squaddie town to traditional Scottish parents. In school, Claire’s attention sway towards the arts, with a particular slant towards the piano and the films of David Lynch. Studying Film, TV, Theatre and Literature at Uni, Claire quickly became frustrated by being typecast as a Scottish Medium and moved towards Filmmaking. She never looked back, eventually taking a box of VHS tapes of her work straight into Final Cut, where she became a runner. Her first night out, she lost her phone, but gained a box of chocolates. That was the moment she realised this was the company for her!

Under the mentorship of David Webb, Claire built up a comedy reel, editing a film a month with the talented Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright – a perfect stepping stone for becoming an editor and also perhaps a bit of a dipsomaniac. She’s gone on to cut a wealth of commercials, from Sky Sports to Audemars Piquet, TFL, Ballantine’s Whisky with her hero, RSA director Bailey Walsh as well as an ongoing collaboration with legendary Bare Films director (as well as Final Cut editor) Jim Weedon! Recent work has eschewed towards strong charity work championing issues like climate change and the refugee crisis. Recent work includes a new music video for Elvis Presley’s ‘The Wonder of You’ starring Kate Moss directed by Moxie’s Vaughan Arnell.