Cat Tosiello

Company: Black Spot
Website: Website

Cat Tosiello is a New York native and a highly accomplished editor. 

While pursuing her passion for photography as a career, she discovered the thrill of photojournalism and the magic of storytelling through images. 

This led her quite naturally to editing, where she could channel her artistic flair into compelling stories that could be told in countless ways. 

After graduating with a degree in TV/Radio Production from SUNY New Paltz, Cat joined Black Spot in 2010 and has never looked back. She worked her way up, quickly making the leap into editing and learning everything she could from her peers and mentors.

 Cat has grown into a collaborative, solutions-oriented, creative powerhouse in her work with clients, putting her talent to work by producing content across all genres for SYFY, USA, TBS, Sundance, E! and more.