Brandy Troxler

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Brandy Troxler has been creating stories since she casually strolled out of the womb. Her passion for entertaining people initially manifested itself through writing and directing plays. As she got older she explored other methods of storytelling, such as photography, directing, and editing narrative and documentary style short films.

Brandy’s editing style stems from a desire to tell truthful stories that entertain and make people feel. Her attention to detail, pace, and flow bring a strong narrative to every story she tells. Commercially, she has worked with clients such as Mini Cooper, Wells Fargo, Credit Karma, Yelp, Toyota, Intel, Facebook, Nokia, Salesforce, Nerd Wallet, & Biore.

In her free time, Brandy shoots, edits, and directs documentary style short films. She has contributed her editing talents to the web series 100 percent human, which focuses on the outrageous, humorous, and subtle stories that make us all human. She co-directed, shot, and edited the web series, Dirty Old Bar, which served as a love letter to the dark & dingy dive bars of San Francisco. A bilingual editor, she is currently editing a Spanish language short film about a young Mexican woman who finds true self expression in the loud, dissonant sounds of death metal music.