Ashley Kreamer

Company: Final Cut
Website: Website

Ashley went to film school to become a cinematographer. After three years spent working as an AC, she realized she hated standing outside in the cold. Luckily, she met a Steenbeck and fell in love. Growing up as the daughter of an Oceanographer, Ashley grew up in Panama, Jakarta, and Singapore. Her twenties were spent in Beijing as a language student, a soap opera actress, and a CNN intern. When she left Asia and moved to New York, she found a job as a runner at Final Cut and has been there ever since. Mentored by some of the true greats, Ashley joined Final Cut’s ranks as an editor in ‘08. Since then, she has edited projects for Lincoln, Target, Google, Verizon, Unilever, GAP and many more. She has a great eye and a gift for pulling out authentic performances. Ashley loves telling stories and working on films that speak to the shared human experience.