Angela Whitehouse

Company: Ludus
Website: Website

Angela Whitehouse’s career began as an assistant to famous offline editor Sabrina O’Sullivan, who was undoubtedly the best editor in South Africa at the time. After gaining valuable experience, she moved to Lizard Post Production where she quickly honed her cutting skills with some of the top commercial directors in the country.

Angela, with her entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind opened Glasshouse Post Productions. For ten years she worked with a myriad of talented creatives on international accounts.

In 2016 she joined the Ludus Post Productions – Currently the top ranked Post Production Facility in Africa and the Middle East.

Her editing style is diverse, while she loves to edit pretty much anything she can get her hands on, performance is her niche. Angela prefers to call herself a storyteller, rather than an editor. She sees every job she edits as an exciting story waiting to be told.

Angela’s edits are chock full of nuance and details, not only creatively, but technically, as well. She is one of South Africa’s few accoladed female editors. She adds enthusiasm and a feminine take on storytelling and knows her craft like no one’s business.