Amanda Moreau

Company: Nomad Edit
Website: Website

Moreau loves the challenge of navigating in and out of a narrative.  “Finding the right creative solution is like putting together a large puzzle with many pieces. My editing style is almost a hybrid. I love infusing my emotional sensibility with punctuated, hard hitting cuts,” she claims. She is also an avid music/record collector and admits, “I love setting a mood for a piece through sound. I have great respect and love for sound design and the art of making my own sound scapes.”  Moreau helped launch the New York office of Beast, where she gained 10 years of experience as a Senior Editor. In 2016, she joined Nomad NY as a Senior Editor/Partner. She has worked with leading brands including Reebok, Garnier, Burt’s Bees, Duke Energy, IKEA and Champs. “I have a very intense work ethic and can lose myself in the details for hours. I learned very quickly, I have the right temperament for editing,” she says.