Akiko Iwakawa-Grieve

Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Website: Website

Akiko is a pillar of the New York advertising and film community, Akiko is known for her bold, anthemic films that are continuously at the forefront of genre and technique. Akiko’s contributions as an editor include prominent, brand-defin-ing campaigns for Converse, Ford, Pepsi, and Nike with collaborators that have included artists and directors ranging from Hiro Murai and Vincent Haycock to Chris Milk, Marco Brambilla and the late Nagi Noda. Beyond advertising, Akiko has edited features, documentaries and many prominent music videos.

The daughter of theater actors, Akiko moved to US from her home country Japan when she was fifteen. She studied cinema at NYU Tisch School of Art, where she began her path in filmmaking through editing.