Suzy Deering, CMO of eBay, and PJ Pereira, CCO of ad agency Pereira & O’Dell, are among Free The Bid’s earliest supporters.

“The first time I heard about Free The Bid was – I received a phonecall from PJ,” recalls Suzy Deering of pledging soon after Free The Bid’s 2016 launch. “He started to explain to me the Free The Bid idea and approach, and I immediately answered, “we’re in!”

Through their commitment to inclusion of women directors in the bidding process, directors Natalie Rae at Sanctuary and Crystal Moselle of Somesuch were not only invited to bid on some of eBay’s following campaigns, but in both cases won the jobs!

In the video case study above, Suzy Deering, PJ Pereira, and directors Natalie Rae and Crystal Moselle discuss how brand and agency pledges to Free The Bid open doors to new exciting work from amazing women directors, and the effect on business that Free The Bid has had for eBay and Pereira & O’Dell since pledging.

“Eventually you’re not going to have to think about it,” says PJ Pereira on the Free The Bid pledge. “It’s such a simple idea, such a small commitment – if everyone makes [it], we can change this industry in a very short amount of time.”