Wiebke Berndt

Production Company: N-O Agency,Soilfilms
Website: Website

Wiebke Berndt is a highly regarded German director, who creates films with a fresh and intense visual beauty. Known for her ability to inspire and work intimately with actors, her films have a natural and authentic feeling, often based on story-telling.

“It all comes down to my personal connection with the idea of the script,” Wiebke says. “I need to feel inspired and motivated by the creativity of the board, whether it’s a character-driven spot or a more moody, visual piece. It’s always about finding the story, connecting with it and translating that feeling to the audience.”

She began her education as a still photographer before finally crossing over to film, completing her first music promo. Making the inevitable move to Berlin, the wild years with a countless number of promos began. The freedom of creative experimentation was offered her, and from this, she built a body of work which led to an thriving international career as a director of commercials.

Ever since, Wiebke has been working non-stop and has directed campaigns world- wide for clients such as Renault, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Nivea, Mastercard, Visa, HSBC, Coca Cola, T-Mobile, Beeline, La Halle and Sprite, to name a few.

Wiebke notes that her approach to directing is heavily influenced by the world travels that are part of her work. “I learned how to treat people, and how to be sensitive to various cultural needs” she notes. “For me film making is a giant team effort. A director must inspire the team to give their best at all times. I love my job and the creative people around me, which makes my time on the set a pleasure, a pleasure which comes across in my films.”