Vicky Torres

Production Company: Àrbol,Cortez Brothers,Murdoc
Website: Website

Vicky Torres is from Montevideo, Uruguay based in Mexico City Since 2008.

Works in advertising since 1991. Her first 16 years were as a Creative Director in different advertising agencies until 2008, when she decided to take a leap and start directing commercials, leaving behind her home town Uruguay, to live in Mexico City and work at different advertising projects of the Mexican industry.

Her knowledge and past experience as Creative Director gives her a unique essence to her pieces, where humor, actor direction and storytelling are some of her forte, leaving an special advertising style hard to miss.

She thinks of herself as a publicist before a director, that’s why each and every idea that reach her hands is a new challenge not only from the visual point of view, but also form the creative side. Nowadays, she works for Mexico, Hispanic Market in the US and different countries in South America.