Vanessa Vandy

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Vanessa Vandy is a director and cinematographer who grew up in New Zealand and Finland. Vanessa’s style lies in her ability to move people, to capture their attention and to evoke an emotion.

Vanessa spent her late teen years competing as an athlete representing Finland in pole vault. However, she had always had the need to be creative and thus composed her own music projects on the side. This hobby eventually introduced her to the world of filmmaking after being asked to compose music for several short films. After several years of working as a cinematographer and an editor, her short film Farewell (2017) marked her narrative directorial debut. Farewell received official selections in LA Shorts International Film Festival, Bermuda International Film Festival, as well as a finalist spot in One Screen Short Film Festivals New Female Director category.

She is currently finalizing her second short film, Breathing Again, which aims to promote the awareness of emotional violence in relationships. Like with this film, Vanessa strives to create videos that have a positive impact. She is active in both the commercial and narrative world and is currently based in Helsinki.