Valentina Be

Production Company: Hoben
Website: Website

Valentina Be was Born in Mantova, Italy, in 1984. In 2000 she signs a contract with Warner Music with her teen band.During the making of a video promo of one of their songs, she realises that she has chosen the wrong path. She prefers to stand behind the camera – not infront of it. When her contract ends, she decides to move to Rome to study film directing.

After finishing her studies she directs her first music video: a black and white tribute to Harmony Korine shot with an old Super8 Nizo. Now Valentina is a freelance director. In addition to music videos made during these years she also worked extensively in all kinds of audiovisual projects –  tv commercials, virals, interactive video and Web content for clients such as Adidas, Samsung, Pirelli, Gucci, Audi, Unicef, Muller, Kartell, Heineken, Valentino.

Recently she made the first experience in Cinema Industry: Valentina directed the 2nd unit of the feature film  “Tini: the new life of Violetta”; an international Disney production.