Trudy Bellinger

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Creative Director whose unique spark, attention to detail and female outlook makes her a great filmmaker. Always evolving, Bellinger’s hands-on artistic and directorial approaches have informed an imaginative body of work, combining evocative imagery and flattering colour palettes with imaginative storytelling and branding.

Her multi media, film and theatre background lead to a natural progression into Music Videos.

Bellinger’s early career began in Music Television at BSB’s The Power Station, where she learnt the craft of directing live TV. This led to her producing music videos. Her body of work as a line producer caught the eye of the CEO of EMI Records who employed her as Senior VP /Head of Music Video and Creative Affairs. In this role spanning 10 years she was responsible for commissioning and executive producing all the music videos, long forms and content.

In 2002, she left EMI to pursue her directing career whilst working as a freelance Creative Consultant and Creative Director for all the British record labels, both major and independent.

The music videos Bellinger directed herself enjoyed nominations and awards from MTV, The Brits and Virgin Media prompting an interest from advertising agencies and brands and she soon became one of the leading beauty/hair and celebrity commercials directors in UK with clients including: Rimmel with Kate Moss, M & S fashion with Twiggy, Sunsilk, Dove, Max Factor, Garnier, Olay, Barclaycard, to name but a few.

Television networks began to notice her and she was brought in by Sky TV to re- brand their popular LIVING channel and was soon directing TV promos for all the leading shows.

Her move to Los Angeles in 2013 resulted in her directing TV promos and winning Promax nominations and awards for shows such as ABC’s Scandal with Kerry Washington, The Bachelorette, The Catch, Lifetime’s The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe starring Kelli Garner and Susan Sarandon, Project Runway, Next Top Model and The Bachelorette.

Honoured to have directed and collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists and celebrities of our day, Bellinger’s distinctive skill adeptly realizes creative demands and delivers compelling, full-scale experiences. Whether leading artistic teams, navigating ideas to execution, or increasing production value, the results of Bellinger’s work are always impressive whilst continuing to have fun and look towards “change” for our future.

Bellinger is featured in the 2017 award winning film “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct ” about female directors. Having helped carve the path for female directors since her days as a commissioner when she discovered and championed some of our contemporary leading female directors, she personally continues the struggle to break down gender prejudices through her own work.

Determined to give an equal voice to women in television and features, she has created her own content with female protagonists and is currently in development on two television dramas (“#trending” and “Tease”) and in post production on a short narrative film.
Bellinger resides in Los Angeles with her 15 year old son .