Trina Bardusco

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Trina Bardusco is an American-Venezuelan who is passionate about innovative storytelling, championing multiculturalism, diversity and content for women. She has written, directed, produced and or co-hosted a total of nine web series and for-and-about women in both English and Spanish, including 400+ videos for Yahoo en español that were sponsored by Procter & Gamble. An experienced bilingual brand liaison for agencies, and show sponsors, she understands the art of authentic contextual integration into US Hispanic and global programs.

Her latest project, Going Solo, is a documentary series with a distinctly feminine take on the impulse to travel. Blending bold storytelling, far-flung locals, and spirited exploration, we follow Trina as she takes a walk—or twirl, or ride—in another’s shoes, seeking passion and excitement in each unique form of cultural expression. Going Solo and her production company, Flamenca Films, are currently incubating as part of a 2017 yearlong fellowship at the Made in New York Media Center at IFP.

Trina began her career as a Fulbright Scholar of ethnomusicology in Spain in 1999 for her project, “Flamenco’s Duende and Deep Song.” She soon traded the library for one of the first, readily available DV digital cameras, and started documenting gypsy flamenco singer, Luis Agujeta. This lead to her debut documentary, I’m the Tourist, distributed internationally and featured on HBO Latino where she first began experimenting with immersing herself in a way of life markedly different from her own.

She also co-pioneered HBO Latino’s original, award winning series, Habla, that for over a decade has given a platform to Latinos living in the U.S. who’s stories might otherwise not be heardOnce a year, as a feature length documentary consisting of multiple interviews and community portraits, Latinos from all walks of life, including dozens of celebrities, share their personal stories, reaching beyond the Latino community to build a bridge of understanding that goes in both directions.