The Coles

Production Company: Hey Wonderful
Website: Website

The Coles, siblings Sophie and Walker Cole, are a directing duo whose commercials evoke pop culture irreverence and contemporary storytelling that seamlessly integrates brand and story. They burst onto the directing scene in 2016 with a reel built on iconic brands.

Their commercials for Apple Music, Fiat, Nike, Evian and Campari, although produced on spec, are indistinguishable from client-commissioned ads. The duo’s engaging and fun stories are succinctly communicated and strikingly cinematic with refined color palates and compositions. Their most recent work includes Tommee Tippee “Everywhere You Look” for McCann NY with the creative team behind the multi award-winning, Fearless Girl, and ads for, Real Suite (both via Pereira & O’Dell) and Tory Sport (Tory Burch).

The Coles were born in Manhattan and grew up in the Connecticut suburbs. Both attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where Sophie graduated with a degree in Art History and Walker, a degree in English Literature. Sophie began working as a costume designer on films and commercials, and Walker moved to Los Angeles where he worked as an art dealer. They began writing commercial scripts together and joined forces to create a commercial directing reel and The Coles were born.