Tessa Louise Pope

Production Company: Hazazah
Website: Website

 Tessa Louise Pope (1988) studied Documentary Directing at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. Her first film ‘The Origin of Trouble’ won multiple international prizes; the VPRO Documentary Award, the Circle of Dutch Film journalist Prize, the Tuschinski Award, in Krakow a Silver Dragon for Best Documentary, the Cilect Prize for Best Documentary internationally and the Audience Award at ALCINE in Spain. Her film travelled to multiple various film festivals. The Dutch Directors Guild awarded her web documentary ‘Echoes of IS’ for Best Digital Storytelling 2017.

Being the daughter of a filmmaker and a psychologist, Tessa likes to dig deep and ask the right questions to capture people’s true inner stories. Her work feels real and up-close-and-personal. Adding a touch of humour and being able to create intimacy on set she directs natural and honest work.