Sylvie Weber

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Growing up in a small village in Southern Germany allowed plenty of time for Sylvie to create fictional worlds in her own head — over time they developed into a desire to create stories for herself and others. Being of German-Dominican descent, her confrontation with belonging and identity is often times reflected in her storytelling, alongside a consistent desire to unveil the character within. Her most formative period of young adult life came during her studies in India, where she began to engage more deeply with the greater representation and empowerment of women through film. With this in mind, her career has seen her explore various formats of the medium, shorts, music videos, documentaries and advertising. In line with her own passion, she embarked on a journey with the NGO, Journalists for Human Rights, to teach aspiring journalists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo “to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively’ — to bring awareness to the problems they face, within and without their country.