Sylvia Sendacz

Production Company: Prodigo Films
Website: Website

Sylvia Sendacz graduated in advertising from the School of Advertising and Marketing. She has worked for the most renowned producers in São Paulo, such as O2, Bossa Nova and Jodaf, and has been directing for Prodigo Films for 11 years. She has been in the advertising market for more than 20 years and has directed more than 400 campaigns for major brands such as Vivo, Fiat, Boticário, Santander and many others. With some of her works, she won gold in the Social Forum of Propaganda, silver in the Festival Paris / Gramado, Grand Prix of the Caracol de la Plata festival and the Professionals of the Year. In 2013, as documentary filmmaker, she directed the AGT of Marcelo Rosembaum and in 2016 the documentary series Young for HBO. With her accurate look her projects usually stand out for their delicate and aesthetic perception.

“From the things I see in my daily life, images turn into little imaginary scripts. The expression of a penetrating face, a mother’s affection, a light delineating an object, or a body .. I always wonder if it would be possible to reproduce any of these scenes, they are like small movies passing through my thoughts sometimes framed by the window of the car, the frame of the door … “