Susanne Schmidt

Production Company: United Visions America
Website: Website

Susanne is a director for automotive, testimonials, storytelling and an expert for long term documentaries. She has a great curiosity about everything. From the most familiar she creates the surprising and the extraordinary. The results are unique images full of visual intensity and moody atmosphere.

Born and raised in Germany, Susanne lives in Berlin. During her studies at the University of Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam Babelsberg, she had her own car test series for the TV magazine “Auto & Mobiles.”

 Cars–a topic that has never ceased to fascinate her. Whether they are fast aggressive sports cars, small ecological speedsters or elegant MPVs, Susanne knows how to put cars into a scene with emotion thanks to her deep sensibility for the right tonality, the perfect setting, an outstanding cast and a powerful story. 

Large and small stories belong to her repertoire, such as the construction of the most modern VW plant in the USA “The Chattanooga Story. A German Carmaker goes to Tennessee.” For three years, she accompanied people with her camera. Her incredible staying power, but also a lot of love for complex stories in which the detail is just as important as the big picture, makes the award-winning feature documentary so unique.