Susanne Dittrich

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Growing up the daughter of a photographer meant that Susanne started the trade early, from 5 years old as a model, director and assistant for her father, with whom she worked professionally for 9 years before she started on her own.

Her passion to capture great moments and interaction between people with ease has made her a busy working director & photographer for a variety of intercontinental clients who endorse their brands with her visual believability.

In past years, she has done numerous shoots where she has photographed and directed the TVC on the same assignment. There is no more gap between the still and the film execution of a brand. The creative equality of both stands for itself. Through this work she has won multiple awards for photography stills and moving images campaigns.

In a bid to see more of the world, she took a brief break from this work when she was younger to become a magician’s assistant and toured the world with a circus.