Snejina Latev

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Comprehensive research of the subject matter, utmost respect for personal struggles and triumphs and unconditional sincerity are the primary forces, which lead Snejina’s creative pursuits.  Primarily a visual artist, she is mindful that light, motion, composition and sound are the rudimentary elements that inform the narrative and guide the audience through experiencing a story. Herself, steered by an insatiable adventurism and curiosity, she is always ready to capture the magic in accidents while keeping the beauty of the frame.

She often approaches filmmaking as an immersive multi-disciplinary experience. Her first documentary short, Cooking Oil: From Waste to Energy (2016), features a glass blowing studio with which she collaborated on a series of sculptures in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The film inspired a follow up series of short docs featuring and collaborating with other studios from the artisan community in Oaxaca, which use sustainable production methods. The series aired on CORTV, a nonprofit network in Oaxaca, with the core purpose of training the community to self-promote through media.

While her directorial career has just begun, she has worked in film and television for over ten years and made a series of experimental music videos for bands like Animal Collective and Here We Go Magic. Recently, she has been on the team of two documentary features focused on artists. Walking on Water, documenting the latest complete work by the artist Christo, is scheduled to premiere later in 2018. A biopic on the late Dash Snow is still in production.