Shehani Fernando

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Shehani Fernando is a freelance VR and multimedia director. Her recent VR work for the Guardian includes ‘Celestial Motion: a virtual dance experience’ drawing on solar physics and contemporary dance,  ‘Limbo’ – a virtual experience of seeking asylum, and ‘The Party’, a 360 film seen through the eyes of an autistic teenager. She’s directed VR projects involving Unity builds, animation, motion capture, scanned environments, 360 filming and spatialised audio. Previously, she worked for the BBC and independent production companies in both news and documentaries. She spent 6 years as a multimedia producer at he Guardian directing video content from arts to news features . She also directed a TV documentary for Al Jazeera, ‘Mohamad at Eton’ produced by Minnow Films. She is interested in new forms of immersive storytelling that combine documentary practice with technology and is currently exploring an AR project.