Scarlett Vespa

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Scarlett Vespa (aka ‘Mrs V’) started out in film and tv over 25 years ago, after spending 8 years in production she realised directing was her passion. She has been directing TV Ads and branded content for 20 years and was one of the first 3 female directors when she started in Australia. In her first 2 years of work Scarlett was directing 50 ads a year, known for her ability to transform a tricky briefs into a creative, smooth and inspirational experience. Her unique ability to work with non-actors led her to hosting many interviews herself on camera to showcase her guests in the most authentic and natural way. Almost half of  TV ads and digital content she has produced and directed has been with non-actors, crafting a storyline from the answers that always deliver a gem ’surprise.’ Scarlett also edits all her own work as she enjoys the process of building the story. 
Scarlett has had many of her own production companies including being Head of Broadcast for CBA, while she also directed a lot of the work, including writing, producing, directing and editing a one hour monthly program that ran in-branch for the bank for six years. In 2012 she also wrote, produced and director a 20 minute short film ‘A Twist of Fate’.  
In the last two years Scarlett has gone further and created the ‘Mrs V’ Brand, after she felt that women over 40 weren’t seen in the media and created a platform Mrs V Society which promotes inclusivity and equality. She also works with organisations to help with greater work/life balance and has been a brand expert in the last 6 years working with entrepreneurs and small business. She has a love for inspiring people, storytelling, music and fashion, so when any opportunity arise that ticks all the boxes, she’s there.