Sasha Levinson

Production Company: Tool of North America
Website: Website

A well-dressed career begins with the right opportunity. For Sasha, this took the form of her first set job as a wardrobe assistant on a feature film while she was attending film school in San Francisco. Here, she was able to intimately observe the relationship of director and actor, so when she stepped behind the camera, she knew exactly what she wanted. Sasha kick-started her career in music videos, including Cake’s “Long Skirt Short Jacket, ” a memorable man-on-the-street film that highlighted her ability to tap into the beauty as well as the honesty of the human experience. The video was prominently featured in SHOTS magazine and propelled Sasha’s career further into the commercial realm.

In addition to commercials, Levinson is currently working with Tool of North America. Sasha thrives on creating stories where humanity is not only an essential part of the DNA, but everyone is really well-dressed.