Sally Shapcott

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Sally Shapcott’s stories are a beauty to behold, but they’re not beholden to beauty. What we mean is sometimes beautiful pictures can take your commercial hostage. They can distract viewers from the story, but not in Sally’s case. The beauty in the frames that Sally shoots draws you in, and before you know it you’re caught up in the drama or the life moment or the situation on the screen. You can’t look away because Sally’s commercials are so gorgeous to look at. It’s a trick of hers that she learned as a stills photographer. She probably doesn’t even need to think about it anymore. It’s probably automatic for her. Which is good because while she’s concentrating on getting authentic and emotional performances from her cast and teasing little dramas or big enthusiasm or tiny tendernesses out of your scripts, you know that in the end what Sally creates is going to be incredibly watchable too. You’ve probably seen a lot of Sally’s work out there. And if you have, you probably haven’t been able to look away.