Rylee Ebsen

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Rylee Jean Ebsen is a live action director, creative director, and marketing professional. Some of her commercial clients include Disney, Facebook, and Snapchat. She is the youngest woman to direct an IPO Roadshow film for a multi-billion dollar company. She can officially add “inventor” to her resume as she is listed on an official patent. At 28, she’s already spent over 1200 hours directing on set. Rylee started working for Snapchat when the company was only about a dozen people, directing projects and managing their in-house creative agency.

Her commercial work has generated 40+ million views on Youtube and trillions of views on the Snapchat app. She has an innate understanding of vertical video and helped pioneer mobile storytelling. She directed and produced Snap’s very first original narrative shows three years ago with vertical shows like “Literally Can’t Even” and “Pillow Talk,” She founded the first prize for vertical storytelling through a Snapchat film festival in partnership with Tribeca Film Festival. In 2018, she directed Snap’s campaign for Voter Registration, which lead to over 400,000 new registered voters. As a woman in tech and in film, she’s engaged in promoting and supporting female filmmakers and women in STEM.

She’s a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. As the granddaughter of Hollywood actor Buddy Ebsen and advertising creative director Stan Freberg , storytelling is in her DNA. Rylee is a freelance DGA director, currently based in Los Angeles. You can reach her at DirectorRylee@gmail.com