Rogue Rubin

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Rogue is a commercial, TV and Film producer/director with more than a decade’s experience as well as being a writer and photojournalist. She has lived and worked in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East and Europe. Some of the films she has been involved with include Slumdog Millionaire, The Cove, Mary and Max (that opened Sundance 2009) as well as working for Michael Moore, STX, Paramount Studios, Entertainment One, Fullscreen and more. She has also produced and directed TV shows for network TV as well as YouTube in the USA and abroad.  She directs both scripted and unscripted work and is very comfortable navigating social media needs with sending the video #dirtylaundry viral getting over a million hits in one day (starring Thomas Jane and Ron Pearlman). 

Rogue created her own company Rogue Rubin LLC where she has since produced and directed a number of commercials for the NFL, Jack Daniels, Burt’s Bees, Dexcom, FCB, USA Olympics, Meow Mix and more. Her company has also produced and directed photographic pieces that have been featured in multiple magazines, billboards and adorned the walls of NFL stadiums.  She received exceptional reviews for a short piece she wrote and directed starring Jon Hamm at Sundance and Berlin Film Festival in 2017, her Century Link commercial starring NFL players also won her a number of Telly awards and she has received great credit for her work with Augmented and Virtual reality branding. She is one of few women who works with very male dominated brands and thrives being thrown into third world countries and difficult situations.