Raquel Marvez

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Originally from Spain, Raquel received her undergraduate in journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and postgraduate at Brigham Young University.

Raquel spent some time at CNN London and CNN Atlanta, and then the United Nations, but realized journalism was not for her after she covered the harrowing story of a young boy who nearly burned to death. Her passion for the story led Raquel to form a longer piece that actually built traction, and made people contribute to the child’s cause. After that, Raquel moved on to travelling the world directing the TV series, The Generations Project, which won a regional Emmy. Following the win, she worked on a documentary about the Revolution in Egypt, which captured first hand the country’s new voting process.

Raquel’s curiosity and exposure to art, diversity and the world made her style evolve to a more encrypted one. She prefers to tell her stories from an artistic angle, and approaches subjects in a tasteful manner, even when the topics are heavy and hard to digest. Whether it’s been her work in music video, branded content, or documentary, Raquel always works towards moving the audience through symbolism, and sincerely connecting with to create empathy.

Raquel currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two sons and believes strongly in the values that her family has taught her. She directs and executive produces at Mass Appeal where she’s been able to make work for clients such as Google, NFL, Hulu, Adidas…

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