Priya Sanghvi

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Priya Sanghvi has an MTV Movie Award for short form direction and is a Pulitzer Prize Finalist. She directs music videos, commercials and branded content for M.A.Y.O., the production company she co-founded. She creative directs print and still campaigns for fashion and beauty brands. Her music videos have been broadcast internationally on every major music video program — earning recognition and praise from artists like Kanye West. Her short film “Bathtub,” premiered at SXSW film festival and has been exhibited in international galleries as well as other festivals. She began developing features in 2009 with Paramount Pictures as a result of a first-look deal and recently wrote MIRROR OF THE LARKS, a supernatural revenge thriller that she’s directing. She got her start by assisting Wes Anderson on research and development for THE DARJEELING LIMITED and has developed numerous television and feature projects for a range of production companies. She’s a classically trained singer with a background in opera and Indian classical dance, both of which have been major influences on her film work. She’s a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School, Directing Program.